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Anonymous asked: is the the same tumblr that use to be the courtesan or the sun. just want to know I followed and then one day poof it was gone I like this one too I will be following but im just searching thats all.

Nope… always been escortingsugar :) But idk what happened to that blog either. suncourtesan/courtesanofthesun, if you’re out there and changed your name feel free to let us know ^_^

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Sometimes I wish I worked in a brothel…only because the constant laundry-doing, changing sheets, hiding my “personal life” items, etc. gets to be pretty annoying.

It’d be so cool if prostitution was legal in my state, because I’d definitely open up a nice little whore-house once I retire lol. It’d be most elite in the nation. Sexy and sophisticated women; perfect both arm candy, if that’s what the client prefers, or the fulfillment of the client’s wildest fantasies.

Who needs a job? *insert laughing w/ tears emoji here*

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prostitution / pros¦ti¦tu|tion /ˌprɒstɪˈtʃuːʃn: the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.

“When you sit in a desk you sell your mind, when you dig a hole in the ground you’re selling the strength of your arms. We are allowed to sell everything about ourselves, but people have a problem with one aspect and that’s sex. You’re even allowed to sell your womb and have somebody else’s baby and that’s ok, people don’t condemn that to the level they condemn prostitution.” - Dr. Brooke Magnanti aka Belle de Jour

Because prostitution is pretty much the only, if not the only, occupation where women historically have the monopoly over men…

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You guys, I fell asleep while The German and I were having sex last night. It was in the middle of round 2. We were doing it in spooning position laying down, and I just dozed off while he was in me! Lol… but in my defense, I was under the influence of .5mg of xanax (that’s the most I can handle…even though my prescription says 1mg twice a day 0_0,) some wine, and a few hits of the blunt he rolled.
It was my first time seeing him again after Spain, and I had in mind to make up for the fact that I was knocked out for the majority of that trip due to jetlag. (Even though when it came time to have sex, I (and the fellow escort) rocked his world.)
He didn’t care that I passed out last night though, and I’m doing another overnight with him later on. I think another cup of coffee is definitely in order.

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Did You Know?

That making money has healing powers? I was feeling like butt today (random muscle aches, overall tired feeling…think it was due to a high-anxiety week last week) but during the hour that my client was here, I felt just fine and dandy.

what the heck, body…

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guess i’ll stop being lazy and take this appointment…and verify these new clients

so many requests for today

also going over my fb’s place later tonight…just wish i hadn’t masturbated a million times last night…hope I’m just as horny later

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proud of myself

Soon, I will be halfway in the real world (getting hired part time as an LMT at a spa…because this is necessary for various reasons) so I decided it was time to lightly blur my face in my ads and on my website. But I just couldn’t let go of my Selfies! page…so I made it password protected.

That’s right, I’m exclusive.

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